I can't figure it out yet... (frustrated)
  • How can I (if I even can) login two users to play a game online. Specifically Call of Duty 4...

    I mean play online, in a split screen from the same PS3 on the same t.v.

    I know xbox does it, I don't know why this wouldn't.

    I have looked around for an answer for awhile but haven't found anything, sorry if this has been covered before...Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Unfortunately, Eric, it is currently impossible to do on the PS3. Sony has the system limited to one ID logged in at a time on a PS3. Keep in mind that this online community bit on a console is still somewhat new to Sony- they are adding to it in bits as they get things figured out. maybe in a future firmware update they will be able to allow more than one person logged in at a time.