• I have a problem with puting games into my psp.
    I downloaded the game Tekken Dark Resurrection..but when i but it into the psp and i open it in there it says corrupted data.

    what should i do?
  • Tekken: Dark Resurrection on the PlayStation Store is only meant for play on the PlayStation 3- it will not work on the PSP. The only downloadable games that will work on the PSP are the PSOne classics. There is a Tekken game available among those (Tekken 2) that will work. It's currently at $5.99 on the US PlayStation Store.
  • where can i get this "firmwire"
  • I take it you mean "firmware". If you have a wireless connection set up for your PSP to go online just go into the System menu and at the top you will see System Update. Select that and choose "update via internet"- if there is a new firmware available it will download to your memory stick. The official Sony sites have the download available via the PC as well as instructions on how to transfer to the PSP for those that do not have wireless access.

    When updating your firmware be absolutely sure to have the ac adapter/ charger plugged in- if the PSP conks out partway through the install you will have bricked the system, making it useless.
  • i downloaded the newest firmware i could find....but what for is it?
    i still cant play any games i but in the psp. it still says corrupted data.

    i put the gamefiles in the PSP--GAME...but it wount work.
  • FreeZa, as I mentioned above the game Tekken: Dark Resurrection is not made for play on the PSP- it is only playable on the PlayStation 3 console. You will have to delete it and try another game.

    The firmware updates add new features to the PSP. This latest one includes having internet radio, among several other small tweaks. Once you have run the installation of the firmware you can delete the installer from the memory stick.
  • I downloaded Naruto ultimate ninja heroes for psp....its an iso file...
    How do i put it into my psp....my firmware is 3,70
  • That is one thing we will definitely NOT help with, figuring out how to play illegally downloaded games. We are 100% against piracy here at Absolute PlayStation- I suggest you look for help on that front wherever you got that file.
  • ok sory i wount ask these kind a things again...
    but i now really need help!!!

    my PSP crashed....i started my Spider-man 3 (game)....and the screen went black as usual...but then...nothing.....i tried to shut the psp but nothing worked....

    i took out the disk....then it says "Do u want to close the game?"
    i put "yes" and the screen freezed on " Please wait...."

  • FreeZa, i think your PSP is in serious need of being looked at by Sony themselves. If it is under a year old they will fix/ replace it at no charge. If over a year old they will still fix it but you will have to pay a service fee (no idea how much this would be). The tech support for North America is 1-800-345-7669.