• I just brought my PS3 and i can access the browser and the online store but i cant play any online games with Tekken and Resistance due to receiving a network error message. Ive done the tests and their all fine. Im NAT 2 and i have UPnP activated but it still wont allow me. Is the UK network down or isit my console or connection??

    Appreciate the help
  • Your best bet would be to go into the router settings and open specific ports that are required for the PlayStation Network. I have mentioned the port numbers in several of the recent threads as of late so it should be no problem to find them.
  • Hey thanks 4 replyin! Erm ive read a lot about port forwarding and that the thing is i dont no how 2 do it lol ive got a belkin router and the port section is in 'virtual servers'. It's got 3 boxes IP address, LAN port, Public port. So wat do i do. Sorry about this i just wana get online its so frustrating
  • Port forwarding is a lot easier than one would think- it's just telling the router to let traffic through these particular spots when a certain system wants to.

    Under IP address you need to put the IP of the device that will be using it- in this case the PS3. You can see the IP address the router gave the PS3 in the Client List in the first section of the router menu.

    In the drop down menu you see the choices of TCP, UDP or Both. Set this to what is said by Sony for the port type. Then you simply put the port numbers in the next two blanks. For single ports put the same number in both blanks. Once all numbers are in place hit the apply settings button.

    Here are the ports Sony uses for the PlayStation network and gaming:

    • TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    • UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070
  • Thanx but that didnt work either! I have also just found out that my PS3 is not a 60GB UK but a 80GB Hong Kong version. Cud this be the reason for my errors? An is there anything i can do 2 mek it work :(
  • Where the system came from should not make a difference. At this point all i can think of is maybe turn off the router for a few seconds and then turn it back on- maybe the thing needs a reboot to get it to accept the new settings.
  • It didnt work either. Lol i bet ur getin :mad: but i do appreciate ur help. I did get into an online match on Tekken but thats coz i made the room and some joined. If i try joinin any1s room then "ERROR"

    I also did a direct connection from my interent box 2 da PS3 but still got the error.

    I found sum1 viv da same problem so i no its not just me

    "a network error has occurred" tekken 5 DR why is this? - AVForums
  • The only other thing i can think of trying is try setting up the PS3 in the router's DMZ (demilitarized zone). This will put your PS3 outside of any firewalls that may be blocking things. That particular bit should be in the same section of your router settings as the port forwarding/ virtual servers.
  • Hey i just wana say thanks for all ur help but the reason behind the error did turn out to be becoz it was from Hong Kong. My mate brought a 40GB from Uk and his works fine at my house.

    My question now is WHAT SHALL I DO? lol bin it? Take a hammer to it? (That wud be satisfying for all that trouble i went through:D )
  • Considering the cash put into it i don't think taking a hammer to it would be the best solution (however satisfying it would be- I've been tempted with the computer a time or two :frown: ). I would say sell it on eBay to get some cash back and buy yourself a PS3 made for the UK.