Brand new ps3 wont start( green, yellow, red flashing)
  • My brand new ps3 will not start at all, the red light turns green then goes yellow for half a second and then beeps and goes back to flashing red?

    I realy dont want to take it back because its for christmas and i wont get it back for ages. lol

    Anyone know how to fix this?
  • i am having the exact same problem
    we were able to play one game, when they tried to play the second game, it did it and wont come on at all now
  • its just not fair theres a 0.02% chance that this could happen to us :( , what are you doing...sending it back and replacing or trying to fix it?
  • Best Buy said they would take it back until the 20th of january when we purchased so i am going to try to go back to best buy tom
    i hate that it happened.
    my 11 year old was some upset
    now i have to try to get it all fixed.
  • my dad was more upset than me lol, i made out i wasnt but i was (just to make him feel better) lol. but im from uk and got it off ebay, im awaiting a reply from the seller to get my money back:(
  • Jb, you may want to give Sony a call via their tech support number- there is a one year warranty on the system itself and, from most accounts, Sony is very quick in getting things settled.

    Backers, this system you got from eBay, is it a UK unit or one from another region? If it is a UK machine you could contact the Sony UK support and ask them about repairs. If they ask about having the receipt tell them it was a gift and the receipt isn't available (just about the whole truth there ;) ). If it is a system meant originally for North America or Japan, however, you may not have many options as the tech support there has no responsibility for fixing imported units and I'm thinking the tech support for the region that machine was meant for would have no responsibility toward it either as it was sent out of country.
  • It is from America. i tried to phone sony customer care, but they just said send it back. Is it not working because it is from America?
  • It's not necessarily because of where it came from but it is possible something may have been jarred loose inside during the shipment over to you. As i mentioned, Sony Customer Care is only required to service systems sold for their particular region (in your case for the UK).

    One other option you may have is if you know someone in the US or Canada ( a relative perhaps) you could send them the PS3 and they could deal with the North American tech support. Once they get the system back they could then send it back to you.
  • :( dont have any relatives there, the person i bought it off coming to pick it up sometime this week, i dont know if hes going to try to get it repaired or swomething or just give me a new one (i wish) lol, ill let you know what happens
  • Ah well- good to know the seller is coming to check things out at least.

    Things like this are one reason why I'm not too fond of buying imported systems- when things do go wrong you are pretty much SOL for getting it serviced.
  • lol tbh my dad said he took a chance with it and he hoped it would pay off because he couldent get one anywhere, it didnt as usual for me(my ps2 also broke on christmas day a few years ago) :( lol