Help with "Ever Grace"
  • I am so stuck. I am in the castle at the beginning of the game. I am on a level of the castle where I need to turn these mirrors to open up the correct doors. I have done it, and opened up the far back door on the east corridor, I think they call it the blue white door. I get onto what is called the guard lift and nothing happens. I can not get the lift to lift me at all. What could I possibly be screwing up??? I have been into all of the other doors i think and have already gotten and am wearing the royal boots. Please help me, I am lost. Thank you very much
  • After obtaining the royal boots go back and adjust the red mirror again. Go to the hallway that is further east of the east room and head south. You get the heroic necklace here.

    Once you have this go back to the mirrors. Adjust the green one first and then the red. If this does not open another door at this point adjust them both in the same order another time or two. Equip the Guard Boots and head for the lift.