PS1 Spider-Man L4 swinging to vertial pipes???
  • Hello:

    This question is for Spider-Man for the PS1. In level 4 you have to swing to and from vertical pipes using the L1 manual targeting mode. Sounds simple, but I can
  • When in the targeting mode use the left analog stick to look around- when you target something ol' web head can swing to you will see a green dot appear.
  • What buttons do I push to get him to swing? It looks like the instructions say R1, but it does not seem to work. I am not sure if there was a green dot when I tried.

    So you are saying that I push L1 and move the target until it turns into a green dot. What do I do to cause him to swing?

    Thanks for your help!
  • Once you have the spot targeted and the green dot appears hit the R2 button to zip line to it.
  • Okay, that was simple. The targeting circle must have been red when I tried that. Thank you so much!