Renaming characters
  • Is there a way to rename characters this game???. I remember once in the desert prison I got a rename card but didnt know what to do with it.
  • you cannot rename charcetors only sqaull and rinoa and the rename card is for use if you want to rename a GF
  • Maybe you should have to play a game of cards. You can also buy it from the petshop of Timber
  • I have found it and found out it is only gfs. But thanks for your help.
  • well i neve k-new that you could rename squall and riona well bye
  • Spanky, SpeedDemon meant that you rename them only when you get them for da first time.Bye :thumbsup:
  • If you want to get a Rename Card, you can also card-mod a Catabolpas card.