• I know this is silly but it won't let me out!! After you go back to balmba garden and find headmaster cid. How do get out of the elevator after it gets stuck??? I mean i tried walking around it pushing buttons but nottin happens!! Please help! :cry:
  • This should help:

    When it jams, examine the controls, then examine the hatch in the floor. Climb down the ladder quickly, before the car starts moving again.
  • THANK YOU!! Well bye bye!
  • he he ummmmm........i have another question, after you go to trabia garden and decide to go to edea's orphange. What do you do after you get to the ophange? Where's the big thing squall keeps talkin about?
  • he he i bet you guys are wondering why i'm saying I have another question well both buffy_girl_15 and dark_angel_15 are my accounts! lol i quess i should have gone onto my other account before i asked but oh well!
  • You meet the end of disc 2 and you fight against galbadia garden.
  • SpeedDemon don't forget that you'll fight with Edea and Seifer at the end of the 2nd disk in Galbadia Garden!!! :thumbsup: and dark_angel_15 don't forget getting Cerberus (a GF) he is in the center of the main hall!!! Bye :wave:
  • I was only trying not to give to many things away.
  • Oh Sorry Speed!!! :cry: