New to gaming and just bought heavenly sword
  • Hi,

    My husband bought the PS3 this summer and i havent really taken any interest in it until now when i got heavenly sword. I have just completed 1/129 stages , and now i am at 2/129 stages. My problem is that when Kai is shooting I seem not to have very much control over it. My range of shooting seems limited and i cannot directly line up a target. Can anyone help me ? I am not familar with the controller . :huh:
  • Hold down the L1 button and move the stick to aim your crossbow. Once you haveyour target sighted somewhat hit the square button to shoot.

    One of the nice bits about these sequences is you can steer the arrow somewhat just by tilting the controller in your hands- nice way to make sure you hit the target. Hope this helps! :)