Energy Crystals need help
  • I know how to find the guy in esthar who goes heeeehee.
    But my problem is the elynole (spelling?) i consequently fight has a Level of 29/30 so he won't drop the required crystals becuase he needs to have a level higher than 40 to drop them.
  • monsters level up as you do.
  • card mod 10 elnoyle for 1 crystal
  • many thanks guys I know have the lionheart and the limit break rocks.
  • Good Job!:biggrin:
  • i know where to get the anamantines and the bullet things i just still possible dont know where to get the dragon fangs help wanted bye
  • Get on the Ragnorak and head for the Mountains north of the Shumi Village.Walk around closely to the mountains and you will fight a Blue Dragon.Don't mug them, you have to defeat them for and Energy Dragons are rare so it might take a while to encounter them! :thumbsup:
  • ohhhh soooo that is where u fight the blue dragons ohhhh thanks dude well bye
  • I often find it easier to encounter Blue Dragons at island closest to Hell.

    ..... That is if you dare to go there
  • You can also fight them at Island Closest to Hell but they are very rare and hard to get there.I find them more abundant at the mountains behind Shumi Village.It doesn't really matter, so , your choice!
  • It is very easy to encounter the Elnoyle (Esthar 3rd disk after Lunar Cry) :)
  • Does anybody know where to get the bullets???
  • drak_angel_15 I think You mean bullets for Irvine use Ifrit's bullet RF ability and choose bullets you want I mean- normal, fast! etc. :)
  • You can also Ammo-RF Power Generators (steal from Blitz) to get 20 Pusle Ammo.
  • ok thanx zell!
  • Oh angel first you need to have Ifrits RF bullet ability then you can make pulse ammo from 2 energy crystals! :D
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D
  • If you still have problems with enemies' level, just get the Tonberry GF and use his LV Up and LV Down.