• i got spiderman 2 like 2 weeks ago and have got all the portfolios and about 22 comics and all the costumes from game number 1 and the venom-x-earth, phenix spiderman,battle damaged, alex ross white and red but i still want more i have tryed every cheat site i know but nothings come up so any 1 know where to get all comics or how to get the rest of the costumes or even a list off all specials whould be good :)
  • I'm a little confused here Fox Die. Ya see according to all news reports and indeed the Official Activision site, the release of Spiderman2 - Enter Electro (previously scheduled for a 18th September release) was postponed due to and out of respect for recent tragic events in the USA (given that certain scenes take place atop a skyscraper that closely resembles the WTC). You say that you have had a copy for 2 weeks now which would mean you picked it up around the 22nd September. I was just wondering how on earth you managed this considering it has not been on general release yet?

    i'm sure you have a valid and interesting explanation of how you managed to come across an original copy of the game before it was released anywhere, i know i would be extremely interested how this came about -
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