• does somebody now where the obel lake treasure is.
  • This is all I know about Obel Lake Mystery.Go to the lake first and talk to it.it tells you to find a monkey that takes the train to Dollet and hides in the forest to the north-west of the train-station.Go to the forest and decide to kick the monkey.Keep doing this until he drops a stone [URHAEO].Bring it back to Obel Lake.Now it tells you to go to Balamb Beach.Here you should find a stone that reads [STSLRM].Bring it back to Obel Lake.Now go to the Island East of Timber.On it you shall find a stone reading [REAIDR].The Lake with Cavern on top of Mountains is found by following the river to a waterfall.Land the Ragnorak on top of the mountain.Search around and you shall fight 2 Trustaveaus.You'll get a rock that says [EASNPD].Elbaek Peninsula is at Trabia.It is a small edge out facing Dolletif you view the world map.It is between the vertical distances between Shumi Village and Balamb town.You should find a rock that reads [TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE].Broken down this reads TREASURE AT MINDE ISLE and TIME OFF.I can't remember what TIME OFF means but go to Minde Isle which is in the lower left area of Esthar and get your reward.

    I can't remember right now the connection but th Mordred Plains have something to do with this quest.You can find the mordred plains in the south of Esthar.On the World Map they kind of look like a Star.Look for red faced rocks
  • search Obel Lake until it says
    "This must be Obel Lake.
  • thank you billy the kid and juggleknot this is good info