Call of duty 4 connections
  • Hi, im having problems connecting to call of duty 4 and communications.
    I have NAT type 2 so conection and communications should be all good but they are not. it takes about 5 minutes for call of duty to connect me to a game and i can only connect and hear 1 of my friends not any of the others and wont let me into partys with them. it disconnects in games sometimes and takes quite long for it to load the game.
    ive been trying to work out why this is happening for ages and cant find a answer. can you help me please?

  • Asho, do you have a router in place sharing the connection? You may need to open some ports in port forwarding, if so. Sounds like the traffic is being blocked. I've detailed in a number of threads which ports these are- have a look around the PS3 hardware Help section.
  • Yes i have a router which is connected to my computer too. ive changed some of the ports because i had NAT type 3 before. thanks