ps3 sub account wont connect
  • hi,
    set up a master account on ps3, and a sub account for my son, it seems to connect ok but on the sub account it keeps coming up that its disconnected because of parental control

    have changed the controls in setting but to no avail

    any ideas would be helpful

    thanks in advance
  • I would suggest going back in and turning the parental controls off altogether. Once you do that maybe give the system a restart by going into standby and then power up again.
  • have tried doind that but it keeps saying the parental controls on the psn not the ps3 itself
  • Ok- you may want to log in on your own name and go into Account Management. In there you can change details on any sub accounts that may be tied to your master name. Content can be restricted there going by age- if he's trying to play a game rated T and is , say, 10 years old this could be a possible cause.

    If this doesn't help you may need to contact Sony themselves.