armoured core 4
  • how do lads and lasses, hope you all had a very merry crimbo. I got a few new games - Guitar hero 3
    Amoured Core 4
    Mortal Kombat 2 - PSN Download

    Armoured 4 core seems like a really good game i used to love playing it on the original playstation so seeing it on the shelf at discount price 25.00 brand new i thought "go for it" i began 1 player wich was really enjoyable not really got to far yet though. I took it round to my mates house and set up split screen and oh dear. The game in split screen gives you minimal screen veiwage gutted !
    The fluid motion on those huge mechs is done fantastically though i cant wait to get it online wich im having issues with at the momennt.
    I really just put the post out as ive not come across any one thats played it so just asking if any ones out there that could give me some help about little hints chets or gnerally what they think of the game ?
    All comments welcome
    Thanks again Samuel Pennington