40gb - backwards ?
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    I got a 40gb UK PS3 and recentley got MK2 but want MK trilogy ps1 version if i purchased a copy would it work because i done think ps2 games will just though i'd ask.
    Thanks again
    Samuel Pennington
  • Yes PS1 games do work on the 40 gig PS3.
    It's only PS2 that don't work

    Oh, so Samuel is your name
  • The PSOne games do work fine in the 40 GB systems but they took out the PS2 emulation to cut costs a bit and get the price down. You'll just need to make a virtual memory card in the utility found in the Game menu to save progress.
  • it is indeed mate samuel frederick james pennington to be exact, hahaha
    nice one mate just need to find a copy of it now.
  • D'you wanna be called sam or fred or jam or pen or sfjp
  • not fussed variety is the spice of life mate, im also known as penny and mogoli due to the speed i can do monkey bars "army nick name" but yeh err any of em oh yeh got one of them blue tooth speeky things for cod4 and other games we shud find a game where you speek as a team get me ,you surfer and nec when he's on and do some crazr killing team based action.
  • It's a done deal
  • ill add me api name to cod4 tonite i left me ps3 at his past couple of days but gonna get it back tonite, need to get new team online game i was avin a look at theat warhawk butr dont know what game do you think some intercontinatal online gaming not really to fussed on genre just wanna play online ?
  • How about GHIII???????
  • whats that??????
  • Guitar Hero 3............
  • ahhhh yeh man ill have you a match tonight if you want ....... happy days im a bit poo teng at it though, shud be funy
  • Nah... Just a suggestion (don't have it yet)
    If I get a MOM award I'll definitely ask for it
  • whats MOM???????????????
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  • aahhhhh go on lad well vote for you if i knew how like, i wreckon got good chance yuo seem to know your stuff and always got good views. I still wreckon that story one you started is the best though you should win it just from that alone.
  • Thanks fred... I think that everyone has a chance... (YAY ME! I went off topic! :confused:wait.. that's bad?:confused:)
  • lol chill man, its only me and you on this post its all good in the hood.
  • stop rhyming 'kos I need chicken, thyme and wine
    'kos it's good all the time
  • Tis good eh?????
  • indeed mate sheer genius