Star wars Complete saga
  • Having bought our PS3 60GB only yesterday, my 10yr old son played Lego Star Wars successfully for a couple of hours until the colours on the screen started to break up. Colours come out of the characters like giant spikes making the game unplayable and I'm at a loss at how to return it to its previous playable state. Restarting and cleaning don't help; our other games (FIFA08, Motorstorm, Dirt) all work OK.

    Any ideas? :confused:
  • The only thing I can find with digging around the LucasArts site is a suggestion to let the machine cool down for a bit after extended periods of play. By rights one should take a 10 minute break or so every hour anyway (according to the so-called experts).

    Myself, i can't see it being an overheating issue- Sony has a heavy duty fan in there. Still, you could try just giving the PS3 a break for an hour or so to cool down and try it again. If the disc still acts like that i would contact LucasArts, you may have a defective disc on your hands. You can e-mail them via this form.
  • Thanks very much for the tips. We'll try it again tomorrow morning after it has rested overnight; as I've got four children it hasn't had much respite yet...