Wireless Network Help
  • I've been trying to connect my ps3 wirelessly to my router but i can't get an ip address. It used to work fine wireless but one day the internet on my computer wasn't working so i stopped using my router, but now i set it up again and the problem may have something to do with the security that i set up. I'm not sure how to disable WEP or how to change it to WPA, but i know i'm entering the correct passwords when i try to connect from my ps3. I would try entering the numbers manually, but i don't know how to.

    By the way, I'm using a Netgear WGR614 router.
  • Your encryption is determined by the Security section of your router set up. In there you can change the type just by selecting the appropriate button. Go into Setup/ Wireless Settings. You'll be able to see what encryption you are using now and, if you like, can change it or disable it altogether. You should also be able to see the pass phrase/ keys you are currently using under WEP. It should look like this:


    If you want to disable the encryption altogether, just click the None button in Security Options and click the Apply button at the bottom. You can then make the appropriate changes to your PS3 as well as your other devices.

    If you like, you can set up a custom IP address for the PS3 in the LAN IP section under the Advanced heading. It looks something like this:


    Near the bottom you should see Address Resdervation. Click the Add button to get to the next screen. You'll see three blanks- IP address, MAC Address and DEvice Name. make the IP address anything you like as long as it is within the range the router can give but won't interfere with other devices wanting online ( as an example- your computer should have by default). The MAC Address can be found under the System Information in the PS3's Settings menu- copy this exactly. Finally, put something like "PS3" or "PlayStation 3" as an identifier in the device name. Hit the Add button and that should do it.