ps3 sign-in problems
  • just got ps3 love it, but cannot sign-in to the playstation network it says it has "timed out"? The internet works but cannot get playstation store or play online
    - can someone help- I have a crazed 7 yr. old that wants to play Lego starwars on-line- he is a jedi!!! HELP!!!! Thoughts?
  • Some adjustments will have to be made in your connection, possibly some port forwarding in your router (you do have one, right?). have a look around some of the other threads i the PS3 hardware section here- I've described which ports to open in a number of them.
  • What is a port? I have no clue, all I can do is plug-in and play- help? Should I try creating another sub-account?
  • I take it that means you do not have a router in place sharing the internet connection?

    You may want to try setting up a new sub account but this time maybe fudge the details a bit regarding his age- it's possible that may be causing the trouble as Sony does have a bit of a minmum age requirement (13 or so, i believe).
  • thanks for the quick response, no I have a plug into the wall internet connection (if that is the proper term) I will try setting up a sub-account is it easy to do?
    Many thanks for your help!!!
  • Yes, they are very easy to set up. Once you have a user made for him in the Users menu log in as that name and go to the "Sign Up for the PlayStation network" icon in the network section. You'll need a separate e-mail address for his account. When it gets to asking what type of account select 'sub account" and it will ask for the master account log in to tie it to (your account). Other than that it's all about the same as when you set up your own name.
  • after I do that should I try logging in with the sub-account?
  • yes- after everything is set up log in as that account and give it a try with going online with the game. If all goes well your little padawan there will be ready to go. B)
  • gave it a shot with the sub-account, would not let me sign-in "time out" tried internet connection test playstation network failed? any thoughts?
  • Hmm... I'm wondering if you are getting some sort of conflict with IP addresses because your computer is online at the same time. Without a router you can only get one IP address at a time- you would need the computer to go offline to get the PS3 online, perhaps.

    You may want to consider getting a router to share the connection and it can let both devices online at the same time.
  • I will give it a try, does the problem have anything to do with a "firewall"?
    I will log out of my computer and give it a shot any other thoughts would be welcome, thanks for all the help
  • A firewall could block it if you had one in place- if it is only a software firewall on the computer itself, however, it would not do anything to anything else on the network. If you could tell me in more detail what your particular net hookup is like i may have a better idea.

    If all else fails you may want to contact your internet provider and ask them about potential solutions.
  • I actually work at a boarding school and we have internet thru the school, fast etc. As I said I don't know much about computers etc. should I reset the system, I will try anything!!!
  • could it be a NAT issue? I have been doing some research and from what I read NAT 3 can be an issue for some? Your thoughts?
  • That would definitely be an issue- most school networks run with a fairly tight system, letting very little else in that doesn't necessarily need to be. The network traffic from PSN is, in all likelihood, being blocked by the school's firewall (NAT 3 basically means behind both a router and firewall). You may have to talk to the people that tend to the school's network about possibly making some adjustments.