• Ok I was looking through one of my old official playstation magazines, too get doomtrain and it said this.

    "Combine the Solomon Ring from Tears' point(I already have it) with the rigth items to summon and obtain the GF doomtrain. The first element you need is six remedy+. Remedies are sold in most shops; convert 60 Remedys into six Remedy+ with Alexander's "Med Lev up" Menu."

  • You didn't use scrolls on Alexander to get some different abilities with him. If you did then you can't learn all of his other abilities as well. So, i guess that in this case it was the med lev up. I would recommend that you start over but if you don't want to do that then, i seem to remember a way to erase abilities that you didn't want anymore. I'll look into it as i'm not sure exactly how to do it but you should be able to learn the other abilities that were skipped because of the scrolls. Now if you didn't use the scrolls then you can ignore the above. You should be able to find everything that you need to know in this walkthrough. I hope that this bit of info was of any help to you and feel free to ask as many more questions as you need. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming. edit- All you need to use Med Lvl up for is to get a remedy+. So if you get one of those then you're ok. :thumbsup:
  • Alexander can learn Med LV Up after he learns the Med Data ability.
  • Well I'm on a FF8 G.F. quest! So far I am missing Doomtrain, Bahumant, Catuar, Eden,and everything that comes after Carabacle or is it Alexander? (three headed thing) minus Tonberry. So can someone tell me were I can find the rest (and what I need for Doomtrain, without solomon ring) I would really apreciate it! THanks!
  • Mengsk, you can't get Doomtrain unless you have the Solomon Ring (found at Tear's Point in Esthar), 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Malboro Tentacles, and 6 Remedy+
  • Also, Mengsk, you can check my other post above and it has a walkthrough for all of the GFs and their abilities and everything else that you need to find out about them. If Juggle's post didn't give you everything that you need then you can check out the walkthrough. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to and I or one of the other great API members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, I hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Ok guys I just got the Remedy+. :grin1: I got 6 of those now I need steel pipes or something. My guide said to steel them from the wendigos or something. They look like gorillas but there green and yellowish danish. It said there located southeast of deling city. SO I went to deling and I went south east from there. I got in to like 10 fights but no gorrila guys. :mad: Can you tell me where to find these creatures???
  • Be happy to help ya! I found alot of these guys on the cliffs around the area by Deling (you need the ragnarok), or you can find them in Forest areas around Timber. Plus, Doomtrain takes away the items you have to get him (a real bummer for me). Also I have Eden to find and it's all complete, but I'm stuck in someones caslte with 2 abilites left to get.
  • Yeah I got Ragnork. I havent tried it yet but I will as soon as im done typing. thanks again Mengsk !!!
  • Ok now I need Malboro tentacles, 6 of them. my guide says there found on the island closest to Heaven.
  • It's easier to show than to tell so i sent you a world map. Also it's i think the north eastern island. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Well since I replyed to your topic in school (a big mistake) I was in a bit of a hurry. The island is along the Chocobo Haven thing were you find the mother chocobos (the area is north of Esthar, East or Trabia Garden, and It is bright green forest area) The (facing morth) island is to the upper right area of the forest. If your in doubt land, open up the menu and see the name. Also with Diablo's Enc-none ability your can collect some good magic. If you want the LionHeart I would post here too.
  • hay guys I finally got doomtrain.:happy1:
    I also got toneberry and cactuar. And I learned all there abillities.:happy2:
    I also got Squall maxed up to level 100!:2spin:

    Yeah I would want to knwo how to get the lionheart. I got the one sword thats second stongest to the lion heart. You know it black and red and looks like it has 2 blades on it.
    So yeah help me get the Lion heart!:2silly:
  • Ok, here you go Badboy.
    Ultimate Weapon Upgrading
  • Well Madhtr, there is an easier (well i found it easy) way to get energy crystals. You know that deep sea research center? Well on my way down I found ALOT of them from battles even with Enc-none on I still got in fights. Well the chance of getting that there is ALOT greater than going to Esthar and leveling up. Well to get Dragon Fang I also got alot of them from stealing from the dragon. Hope this helps everyone!
  • just a small correction for everyone concerning this:
    [quote][b]2. Squall's Lion Heart can't be gotten in Disc 1... Why? In Disc 1,