Stuck at the under water labratory.
  • Okay I fianlly beat the red rby dragon twice and then fought bahamut and got him. But after i go down farther in the underwater reserch place, I get Zell to punch opent he door so I can get to the bottom and use my last 10 energy things to open the last door, and I put on enc-none but I still get in fights with these 3 headed monster. I beat him 2twice in a row but on the third time he uts out poision gas and that really screws me up. And then GAMEOVER! Can anyone tell me how to beat this guy or how to be unafected by his poision gas or if there is a way I dont have to figh him at all?
  • trust me I now the position you are in and you just have to overcome it it was hell beating ultima.
  • You're more than likely talking about Tri-face and his poison attacks.Just junction the poisons he uses against you to your Stat-Def.(If he uses SLEEP on you, junction 100SLEEPs to your Stat-Def and you will reduce the effect it has on you and reduces the chances of SLEEP working on you).A good combination of Physical attacks and GF's should finish him off.

    Tri-Face isn't the hardest and is'nt anywhere near as hard as the other monsters you will have to encounter along on your way to Ultima.Also, these "harder" monsters aren't near as hard asUltima.So if I were you I would start upgrading your weapons and Gf's to beat Ultima.Good Luck! :thumbsup:
  • Trust me and Daggers lover, we both know your position.

    I may be a little late here, but at least I may be able to be of some help.

    You said that Zell punched something to open the door, I've been there and noticed that every step I did, theres a monster available.

    Well a quicker way is to use your RSP wisely.

    First of all, you have 20 RSP and thats a fact
  • Oh, this stupid stradegy guide I have isnt that much help. It says to use 4,2,2,1 then 1 or something and then you will have 10 left over for the botom level door. it also says that you should take Zell with you on this mission because he is only one to punch the door open, so you dont have to punch it to open the door? They make it seem like you have to.

    But yeah I will try it out. But I am kind of confused, when do I go up to replenish my RSP? and I will have 17 left when I am done? and I dont have to fight those tri-face creatures?
  • I don't know exactly what level you are going to replenish your RSP, but when your on the level that you only have 10 RSP left, there should be 2 switches on that level, one for the lower level and the other for the replenishing room. The door is located on the left side of the screen and the switch should be just below the staircase.

    The switch that is located on front of the stairs is the switch for the next level.

    Pretty confusing huh! :laugh3:

    And for your tri-face prob, just junction "enc-none", in this way you wont be encountering any monsters on the way down. exept for ultima of course.
  • just junction 100 poison to your status defense, or an easier way is to use quistis's degenerator limit break. :2spin: