Lego Star Wars II Part IV Chapter 2
  • This is only my second game so as simple and explicit instructions as possible would be appreciated. I am in the start of chapter two of part IV: A New Hope. I cross the bolder after blowing up the debris and making a bridge crossing. Obi Wan and Luke kill the enemies, use the force to destroy all of the objects. Obi Wan faces a red large door which I read can only be opened by using the dark force which he does not possess. There is a leaping off point from which Luke can use the blaster to grapple up onto a ledge from which it seems he is unable to do anything. My understanding is that Luke and Obi Wan must reach the top of the wall using a combination of grappling and the force--since I am unable to move the platform from which Luke grapples and the dark force with Obi Wan how do I accomplish getting to the top of the gate and opening it.
  • Along the way to this point (soon after building the first grapple point) you should have seen a large object to use the force on and create a walkway (this is during the bit where the tuskan raiders are sliding down the hill at you). You are supposed to head up this ramp to continue through and reach the jawa sandcrawler.