valkyrie profile lenneth help
  • When you are in a place where there is a big pole, how do you get past it???:confused:
  • Going to need more information here, joe- what level are you on currently?
  • what do you mean? :confused:
  • I'm trying to figure out just where exactly you are in the game. There are a total of 9 chapters (0 to 8) in the game- which chapter are you currently playing in that has this pole?
  • I am on chapter 1:eek:
  • In Chapter 1 you can do most of your traveling on the world map as you try to recruit more people.

    The big pole sounds like it cannot be passed- you should try another path.
  • Thank-you, but how do you recruit more people?
  • Find them in the towns they live in and talk to them- should be somewhat straightforward.
  • But that's the only way to get past it, i think because i can't find any other way.l
  • My Valkyrie Profile is in japanese version, how do I know where the people that I want to recruit lives. I don't understand japanese.
  • nevermind about that, but do you know where is lassen in chapter because my version is in japanese and i don't understand japanese. Just tell me the coordinates from Mount Altoria ruins.
  • Here is a picture of the world map i found- this should help you figure out where to go on the map:


    Go to Lassen to recruit Belanus- once you have him go into his house to get an item. Then go to Crell Monfereigne to recruit Llewelyn.

    After they are recruited head to the Solde catacombs to start that level's dungeon crawl.