• hi

    i am really havin problems with connecting my PS3 up to the internet.

    i have my PS3 in my bedroom and a computer with my wireless modem downstairs- my pc also is wireless and works fine. however when i try to connect wireless to my ps3 my IP address is received but it comes up with a dns error? i have tried using a wired ethernet connection and it comes up with this also. can u plz plz plz help me?? any ideas?:confused:
  • If you are geting a DNS error you may want to doublecheck what you have entered for the DNS servers. You can get these numbers from your internet provider, then enter them in to your PS3's connection set up.
  • on my pc it has the dns server number and i have entered that into my PS3 as my primary and secondary dns? should that be the same number for both though?
  • No, they should not be matching. That would be the cause of your error. Try going with just the primary server number in and erase the secondary number altogether. If that does not work contact your internet provider- these server numbers are given by them so they can give the correct numbers.
  • tried just using primary number- still dns error? help!
  • That primary DNS server may be incorrect as well. Like I said, you may want to contact your ISP tech support and ask them for the correct DNS addresses.
  • ok. will they give them to me?
  • Yes they will. Just tell them the truth if they ask why you need them- you are working out some network problems on your end and need to re-enter them. (not a total lie ;) ).
  • ok thanks, i will let you know what they supply me with!
  • i have rang my isp and they have given me my primary and sec dns numbers, i have typed them in and it is still coming up with DNS error? help! what should i do?????
  • Could you give me the make and model number of this wireless modem you are talking about? I am thinking this is actually a router and not a modem so you may be able to go in and adjust some settings to let the PS3 through.
  • well the internet we are on is BT HOME HUB WIRELESS and i think router i am using is NETGEAR WG311v3 wireless PCI adapter? any ideas?????????????? help!!
  • All right then- the Home Hub itself ( the white box behind the phone) is a router and modem in one. You can reach its settings page by going to Reliable Hosting, Reliable Servers and logging in using the username/ password they provided. You may want to try going into DHCP in the Configuration section and enable it- this could be preventing more than one item going online through the network.

    If that doesn't work you may want to contact your ISP again and ask them for help- they will know the way that router works a lot more than I do and should be able to guide you through the process step by step.
  • i dnt no my username or password though???????????
  • It should have a default username/ password- have a look at whatever documentation you have for the hub. If you can't find that there's one more thing to ask BT about.
  • since december 27th, ive been getting this error "An Error has occurred. You have been signed out of the playstation network." I am able to get on only at night from around 12am til 6am. Im guessing this is do to updating, but does anyone know for sure? It sucks not being able to play all day long every day.
  • Acid, I moved your original post to it's own thread just below this one and gave a suggestion as to the cause. B)
  • hello again, i have found my username and password to get into my router settings but it is not letting me through onto the page- after a few attempts to put my password and username in it comes up with ''authorization required''. what should i do? i reallly want to get all this sorted and have my PS3 online!!
  • Are you running under a guest account on your computer? That would be the only explanation for that.
  • how would i find out if i was?
  • In Windows XP and Vista you can look in the Control Panel under Users or User Accounts. Yoiu should see all accounts that are made for on the computer as well as their status (admin, guest). If you are under a guest/ limited user account you will need to get whoever is under the admin to change this for you/ make the router changes for you.
  • no i am the admin i have checked? what is wrong with this thing!!??
  • You may have to check with BT again on that- they may have locked you out of the settings for the router portion.