Call of Duty 4 Online Question
  • Hello,

    While playing Call of Duty 4 online, I notice that my individual ranks are moving up, but my statistics on the leaderboards (wins, score, kills, accuracy, etc...) are not being recorded. Is this a glitch in the game or do I need to do something to have those stats be recorded? I would really like to find a way to have that done. Thank you very much for your help.
  • All of this would be tracked on their servers so the error is most likely on their end. You may have to contact the tech support for the game and ask them about the tracking.
  • hi just got cod 4, as well as my ps3 cant seem to get online doh keeps poping up unable to connect to activision matchmaking (error 33) can anyone help us . cheers AWSOME game mind you.
  • Unfortunately, that is a problem with Activision's servers themselves, not on your end. Nothing that can be done except try again another time.