Atlantis lost empire
  • I am stuck at the end. I am battling while energy bolts are shooting out and platform is moving with Milo. I am able to get all symbols for Atlantis and gem but I can't seem to kill bad guy. What do I need to do to continue game?

  • To hurt Rourke first hit the box holding Kida to make it spin and then hit Rourke with the boomerang to stun him. He should then get hit with a shot of a blue energy bolt, which should freeze him. Hit him again with the boomerang while he is frozen to knock off one of his 7 lives. Keep this up and you will defeat him eventually- just be sure you have all of the symbols collected before finishing him off for good. Good luck! B)
  • Thanks for your help!

  • Glad to be of service. B) Don't be a stranger now- come back anytime and join in the various conversations in the Discussion areas as well. ;)