No Network Access Disc
  • Hi,

    I am trying to us my PS2 on the network for the first time with Call of Duty 3.

    I have registered by access code (the 2 part number) with Sony and have a gaming handle.

    Next I've plugged the network cable from the PS2 into my wireless router then try to access multi-player mode.

    I am then informed that I need to set up a profile using the Network Access Disc - according to the PS2 manual this comes separately?

    Can you help, must I have this disc, if so, where do I get one??:confused:
  • The Network Access Disc is basically the set up for making a PS2 connection file on the memory card. Most online games have this built in- if call of Duty 3 does not you could try another online-enabled game.

    If all else fails you could contact Sony's PlayStation tech support and ask them about a replacement disc.
  • i help with that to where do they sell them
  • As I mentioned above, zacky, you will have to talk to Sony about getting a replacement- they aren't normally 'sold" other than maybe on eBay.