Bluray Audio Fault!
  • System Components:
    60gb Ps3 1x Sixaxis + Bluetooth Remote
    Pioneer Kuro Pdp-428xd 42" Plasma Display
    Yamaha Dsp-ax757se Receiver
    Broadband Wifi G Network
    Qed Hdmi-p 1m Hdmi Cable(ps3 - Pioneer)
    Qed Qunex Ot 1m Optical Cable(ps3 - Yamaha)
    Full 5.1 Speaker System

    Having Had A Brief Scan Online It Seems I'm Not Alone Here With This Fault/issue, Which Is That I'm Limited To Stereo Sound(which The Yamaha Outputs As Prologic In Surround Mode) Yet The Info Display From The Ps3 Says Its Outputting Either Dolby True Hd 5.1 Or Dts 5.1 When I Select That Option,when Playing A Bluray Movie Disc, Yet With Standard Dvd Or A Ps3 Game I Get Full 5.1 Digital Surround Sound In Wihch Ever Format Is Available Or Selected!
    I Purchased My Ps3 At The End Of Nov.2007 Set It Up And Online, And Straight Away Update 2.0 Was Found And Downloaded And Installed.
    The Following Day I Watched My 1st Bluray Movie Disc That I'd Purchased Then 2 Weeks Later Watched Another With No Apparent Problems, Then At Christmas I Received Another Bluray Movie And When I Played It My Troubles Began, I Tried The Other Bluray Movies I Have Same Problem. It's Not A Connection Or Configuration Problem I've Double Checked All That The Only Change Has Been To Ps3's Software With Update 2.10 Which I Fear Is The Culprit Unless Someone Out There Has Found A Magic Cure!
    I've Tried A Restore But That Only Seems To Wipe The Hdd And Settings But Doesn't Roll Back The System Software To An Earlier Version, Which If Its Written To A Rom Chip Like A Pc's Motherboard
    Bios Rather Than To Hdd Flies (i've Not Yet Bothered To Delve Into The Ps3's Complete Technical Make Up But Having Run A Specialist Custom Pc Build/repair Outlet For 3 Years Up Until Last Year I Understand A Little More Than Most About Firmware, Patches And Updates And The Problems That Can Occur With Them!) Then Not Being Given The Option To Back Up The Current Software You Are Running Before You Update Leaves You Shafted If As Seems The Case
    The "new Improvements!" Of The New Software Muck Up One Or Some Of The Other System Functions! I've Seen It All Before With Pc's.
    So After 15 Years Of Sony Moving Into The Comuter Industry And Merging It's Consumer Electronics Core Into A Product Like Ps3 It Seem's They've Managed To Emulate The Great Microsoft By Releasing Underdeveloped And Under Tested Product Particularly With The Ps3 Software, Hence Several Updates In It's First Year!
    I Await The First Ps3 Service Pack Software Which As I'm Sure There A Lot Of You Out There Who Have Microsoft Software Experience Means "ere Sorry, But Because We Couldn't Fix All The Problems With Updates We've Had To Rewrite Nearly All The Program And Try Again."
    Please Someone Tell Me I've Got It All Wrong And That After Spending Lots Of Hard Earned' To Enter The Wonderful World Of Hd Entertainment I'm Only Getting Some Of The Experience And Not All Of The Ps3's Offerings,
    Otherwise Mine(and Possibly Everyone Elses) Isn't Fit For Purpose And Here In The Uk Sony Ould Be In Breach Of Trading Standards!
    Any Help Greatly Appreciated!
  • Hard to say just where the problem may ultimately lie- as for a solution all i can think of for the moment is go into the audio properties of the PS3 and uncheck them all and go through them one by one to make sure of what is/ isn't supported by your receiver.
  • I just got my PS3 and was also unable to get 5.1 audio from the BluRay player, although SD movies and PS3 games were outputing Dolby Surround to my A/V Reciever. My reciever is a few years old and will not support uncompressed audio via the optical connection (you didn't mention weather you were using HDMI or Optical audio). I fixed this problem by going to the BD/DVD settings --- Audio Setting --- Optical Audio --- Bitstream (not Linear PCM which is compressed and not handled by most recievers) You will get a message that says changing this will not allow some portions of the movie to play. I have not had any problems yet.

    Hope this helps.
  • Cheers Johnny!
    Sorry for the late reply I've been busy with other things, but switched bdvd audio settings to bitrate and now the Yamaha runs Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 with the bluray movies, although the Yamaha pcm indicator still lights up and any other sd or game disc runs 5.1 on the linear pcm setting? Still at least it's working now which is a relief as the main reason I purchased the PS3was for a Bluray Player rather than a Games console!(p.s. I've shown how my system is connected in the system component list if you look at the HDMI an OPTICAL cables listed!)

    Thanks for the help!