• How long does it take to get a title shot?
  • Jo Ro - i don't know if there is a specific period of time it takes - i remember waiting around for ages to get a shot at the title.

    My advice is just to set up a PPV with your guy in the title match - kick the reigning champ's a** and then when you start your season again - you will hold the belt!!!!
  • since i am the best know it all in sd2 except for fluff just start a ladder match against the champ and u will win easy. dont get much easier
  • Yes, it takes a very long time for a title shot in the game. It took over two seasons to get my shot and when i had finally won it, he stole it right after the match. I finally won it for good after the another season of waiting. I would recommend that you keep waiting as you would get much more satisfaction out of winning it in the season than if you won it in a match that you made up. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
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  • On P.P.V.'s can only the number one contender for a belt fight the Champion for it?
  • If i remember correctly Yes, you do have to be a contender in order to be able to set up the title PPV in the first place.


    If say you introduce a new CAW and want that character to be a contender straight away (without having to spend a long time getting them up to the no.2 position), this is easily accomplished.

    When you are in Season mode, just go to the Rankings menu. Lets assume your wrestler is in the title race for the WWF heavyweight championship - all you have to do is move all the wrestlers ranked above your own wrestler out of that particular race (to the Intercontinental race for eg.) and then simply move them back in again. When you move them back in, they will automatically go to the bottom ranking position. So with a couple of minutes of pointing and clicking your new wrestler can become No.1 contender without even having to enter the ring!!!!

    Of course, like Mad said, its much more fun to earn your shot the hard way, but if ya want to cut a few corners.......... ;)
  • JoRo, if you're refering to the Create a P-P-V, then you can have upto 4 people fighting for the belt, just have a 4 way, or battle royal match, and include the beat holder, number 1 contender, and 2 others in the same title ranking, and select the belt you want to fight for when it asks and away you go!!!

    On Season however, apart from time limit Hardcore matches it is always only one on one matches for the belts.