Who's the COD4 or R:FOM champion?
  • I'm thinking of organizing a COD4 and/or R:FOM match, a free-for-all match.. :) :D

    To see who's the best in APi (me obviously ^_^)

    Whoever has a PS3 can participate. You cannot participate if you're like this guy----drunk---- unless you wanna get killed a million times


    The event is from this week friday-sunday at 9pm SA time (7pm uk time)

    Please arrived (people who don't come will be stripped of their popularity at APi)
  • Hmmmm....thats 2pm for me. Cant promise I wont have a beer or twelve but I think I play pretty well considering. hahahahaha By the way, those of you that have been inviting me to games, every time I click yes to join, it tells me either the server is full or unable to join. Once again...cant wait for SOCOM.
  • Well I've only got Resistance, so I could eprhaps play on that. I have to unfortunately admit that I'm not very good though. Unless you count getting killed, I'm very good at getting killed, lol. It's just not really my kind of game. Now a Burnout Paradise contest the first weekend in February, now THAT will definitely be more like it ;)
    Even Jim would join in with a Brunout Tournament, wouldn't you Jim? :)

    Anyway, I'll try to be online getting my brains blown out constantly man, ok? :(
  • haha, especially by me
  • Cheers for that man...very nice for you to do that to me :p lol
  • It would be good a lil earlier for me but i will probably be able to make that time, so at this moment in time there are 4 people willing to participate, we need more signups..........;)

    Oh yeah and cant wait to blow everyones brains out, especially yours Jay !!!!!!!! ;):laugh:
  • and me yours rob
  • im down whenever send me a message not been on recentley but definatley i wanna get good again and i shall kill you all ahahaha (evil evil laugh) what level you at now mated im at 39 something terrible is suppost to happen at 50 or it gives tyou a choice ?
  • It's 55. You start over at the beginning and you get to change your icon (e.g I'm at 32 and it's silver, I can change it into a gold background with a hawk in it)
  • ive not seen surfer on for ages is he alright ? i cant seem to find nec. Have you got loads of mates for cod4 ive only got yourself and surfer we need to get a little crew i changed me clan name to api now aswell.
  • 7pm is perfect timing for me mate just give us a shout whenever and ill mash you up with the shotgun of yeh !
    what you using at the moment im always stickinmg with the m104 , m4 silenced.
  • RPD with RDS :D....
  • you are the champion, i got destroyed though i do have to put some blaim on dodgy connection last night that was poo teng but non the less the battered me.
  • Don't mess with me or else I'll pop you fulla 1 err... yeah
  • IM HERE,ive been hiding in the corner from shaddow.............again. i can never get away from him with that GOD DAMN RPD with RDS :p ,gets me every time,dont no how he does it.i put it down to the ping thing :o
  • i can be on at the earlyest about 8.45 sunday night cant make it any earlyer or the wife will pop me fulla 1.:o
  • whats the best perks to have? whatever i use i still take a massive WHOPPING,dont i shaddow.
  • I'm just better, :p you know that ;)
  • matyrdom, c4/claymore/bandolier and... I'll get back to you on that 1

    as I said.. I'll pop you fulla 1 err.. that
  • shaddow said:
    I'm just better, :p you know that ;)

    i no i no i no,one of these day's i will have my revenge :cool:
  • Hello! Steel! Stop Dreaming
  • Hey steel....saw that you were on this morning and even got the invite to join you. Once again.....I click yes and it said that the server was full. I'll catch you sometime on there though.

  • i have the same problem sometimes either games full or i just cant join when invited,looking forward to seeing you on there.
  • still keep getting alot of connection problems can join shaddow quite easyly but the if he try's to join a game i get left behind.................it's like been at school :(
  • steelcitysurfer said:
    still keep getting alot of connection problems can join shaddow quite easyly but the if he try's to join a game i get left behind.................it's like been at school :(

    Aww, poor South Yorkshire person.
    Should move to West Yorkshire, more cheery :laugh: haha :D
  • i bet the sun allways shines up there as well dosent it :cool:
  • Yup it sure does. You just have to do what Keanu Reeves does in the third and final Matrix movie, jump above the dark clouds in order to see the sun :laugh:

    River Wharfe has begun to flood where I live thanks to all this wonderful English weather, though :(
  • The weekend is here!

    Today is the day to see who's made of clay

    Who's the best I AM I AM!
  • i will be on sunday night connection allowing to show you who the BOSS is :p
    Not to sure about ROFM though i went online with tha last night,the connection was great straight into a game................but it was pants so slow compared to COD4.

  • we shall see my friend this sunday i shall reign supreme ahahahahahaha
  • *whistles* Sorry, what did you say?:eek: I'm a little bit deaf to juniors :eek: *whistles*
  • When, today ????????
    I'll be there.............:)
  • yeh go for it mate we shall set a match up tonite add the API as your clan name shud hopefully be a few of us on tonite.
  • Look forward to it mate......:)
  • whats the differance between a BLOG and a CHAT ROOM ? im mighty confused.
  • A chat room is where multiple people chat..... e.g.

    sfjp: Hey shaddow

    shaddow: Hey sfjp

    A blog is where a person posts things about his/her life
  • Yep, it's tonight, @ 9pm SA time (7pm UK time, 2pm USA time)
  • Well, it aint me, Shadow kicked my but and i was a hindrance to sjfp!!!!!!!!!

    My time will come.

    "No, i expect you to die Mr Shadow!"
  • i tried to get on with shaddow and all i got was activison matchmaking error(error33) again,had this problem now three times,so i ended up taking a master class from shaddow in RFOM,not to keen on that game..............got to love the cod4.
  • you where no hinderence mate at all good player man brother tghough you where damn good for your rank aswell, he wanted to but rampart last night, we used to have it on the master system then we got hooked on it then watched loui therough in an american jail then motd 2 twas a good night.
  • has shadow taken anyone on the mad missions yet on the sand levels funny as out. If he's online give him a shout about it well worth a mission.
  • pokerdon said:
    No, I expect you to die Mr Shadow!

    That wont happen....

    Sfjp, I found another mission 4 you....
  • im having to start playing at 11pm now uk time,only time i can get online with it,not much good at that time though im in bed.will keep on trying though to hunt you mothers down.:p
  • thats mad that i seem to get on whenever without any issues whats your actual connection speed might be worth getting your line tested see if thats got anything to do with it? But hope to see you soon mate.
  • my download speed is two MB,not to sure what my upload speed is,not to sure if that makes any difference though?
    ive been on today about 1pm and had no problems,so hpoe fully i will start getting back on at night,ive only played against shaddow and conner b.
    hope to see you soon pal.
  • Your signal strength?
  • shaddow said:
    Your signal strength?

    not really to sure,but i think ive found the cause to my problem it looks like that my ISP is blocking (cod4) online play between the hours of 9pm and 11pm,some reports say that they are blocking it even earlyer,so i may never get on at peak times again...............:( :( :( :(
  • lets hope that changes.
    Sorry lads about last night played split screen then needed to catch up on some killing solo to boost up my points ill be joining the api crew tonight for some killing action.
  • I saw a few of you on over the weekend and the beginning if this week. I even got invites to join your game... Still, every singe time I click "yes", it either says "server is full" or "unable to join". I've only been succcessful joining a friends game a couple of times.
  • i tried adding you as mate but not acepted accept it lad then go on some killing sessions is it NecroshineX ?
  • sfjp@hotmail.co.uk said:
    i tried adding you as mate but not acepted accept it lad then go on some killing sessions is it NecroshineX ?

    I got your request to add me and I accepted it yesterday.
  • nice one mate try batlling it out later on