• I have a problem with story mode in Smackdown 3. Everytime I unlock a new item and save my game I am unable to continue on with my wrestler and have to start the mode again. I checked my Memory crad and theres over 7000 kb left so I dont know what to do

  • Hmm, maybe the memory card is damaged. Can you play any other games you saved on? If you cant then redeem a new memory card. If you can then maybe the game isnt allowing you to save right. Try a rented game and see if you can then save. Hope this helps you out. :thumbsup:
  • Unfortunately that is part of the game, after you play with a particular character in story mode and win whatever title or match you have to unless it asks if you want to continue the story your story is over, I found that to be quite bad as well about the game. The stories are often boring