Signing in Problems & PSN Problems
  • Settings --> Networks Settings --> Test Connection:

    Obtain IP Address: Succeeded
    Internet Connection: Succeeded
    PLAYSTATION(R)Network: Succeeded
    UPnP: Not Available
    NAT Type: Type 2

    Router Firewall and Ports:

    - I already opened the ports needed:
    But port 443 and 80 were taken by something else, so i had to make 2 ''Inbound Services'' for them ports which were:
    - HTTPS(TCP:443)
    - HTTP(TCP:80)

    - I also added the PS3's Mac Address to my router, and gave it permission to connect with my router etc.
    - And i put my PS3 in the DMZ part of my router

    What i can do:

    - Connect to Internet Browser = Already deleted catches
    - After about 1am UK time, i can start getting good games with no lag
    - Early in the mornings i can also connect ok


    - Cant sign in much... it says ''connection to PLAYSTATION(R)Network timed out'' or something

    - When im trying to go online on ''COD4'' it comes up with:
    ''Cannot connect to Activision Matchmaking [error 33]''

    - When i finally get in games (rarely) after about 20 minutes it says
    ''You have been signed out of PLAYSTATION(R)Network''
    Then says 2 different error codes (not at the same time) at different times
    - 8002AD23
    - 8002A548

    My Connection:

    - Netgear DG834PN
    - On latest software: V1.03.35
    - Always have 70%+ connection on PS3
    - I have looked on LOTS of forums and followed what they have said, and no difference

    - My Xbox 360 is also connected to my Router and works perfectly and also my PC is connected
    - Never had an error about connection clashing or w/e

    Please Help !!!

    PSN: iLLMaTiiK
    Email: [email][/email]

    Thanks for any help in advance
  • The first error code is possibly due to the media server interfering. If you have this activated on your computer try turning it off and try again. That may well be what is taking the ports on the gaming as well. Normally putting the PS3 into the DMZ would fix this but you say you already tried this.

    For the other error you may want to check the router and see if uPnP is enabled- if it is disable it. You may also be running into having too low a wireless signal to connect (sometimes the PS3's wifi is less than optimal).
  • Ok i turned UPnP off on my router

    Then went on PS3 tried signing in
    1st Attempt: Failed with an error code
    2nd Attempt: Signed in

    After 5 mins i got another error code, and it said:

    ''An error has occured you have been signed out of PLAYSTATION(R)Network

    DMZ is the code i put in on web browser to access my router
    Input Username and Password
    Then i click on ''WAN Setup''

    And it says:

    [TickBox] Default DMZ Server [ ].[ ].[ ].[ ]
    I put in the boxes my PS3's IP, Ticked the tickbox and clicked ''Apply''
    I was just wondering if that was the way of doing the DMZ thing, thats how i've done it anyway...

    WAN Setup

    On the same settings as above it has these other tickboxes:

    - Connect automatically, as Required = Ticked
    - Disable port scan and DOS protection = Not Ticked
    - Default DMZ server = Ticked with PS3 IP
    - Respond to ping on Internet WAN Port = Not Ticked
    - MTU Size (in bytes) = 1458
    - Disable SIP ALG = Not Ticked

    Should i activate any of these things?

    Media Server

    Do you mean on the PS3 or on my PC?

    I've disabled/de-activated it on my PS3 so its off...
  • You may have to deactivate it on your PC- it uses some of the same ports the PS3 needs for regular online play.
  • ok thanks but how do you deactivate it on your PC? :eek:
  • You'll have to go into Windows Media Player. Go to Library and select Media Sharing. Make sure the "share my media" box is unchecked. Clear the "find media that others are sharing" field as well. Hit Ok and you will be asked if you want to turn off sharing for everyone. Select yes and confirm.
  • Ok i found it now

    But it was already unticked :huh:

    Got any other idea's?

    I noticed though that i can connect late at nights (12am - 3am) and early in the mornings (8am - 12am) without being disconnected from the PLAYSTATION(R)Network

    Do you think it could be something to do with Sony?
  • No, i don't think it's Sony. By chance are you using a cable connection? If so and there are a large number of people in your area using cable internet at the same time it could be cutting your available bandwidth down to where PSN can't connect (cable is a shared connection while DSL isn't).

    You may also want to see if there is anything else on the network doing anything at the same time (downloads on the PC and stuff of that nature). Sometimes things like this can hoard the available bandwidth.
  • Im using wireless,

    And nope nothing downloading at all

    I regret buying this PS3, its really bad... takes about 20 minutes to find 1 game, then disconnects you from the game after 2 minutes...

    Also new codes that showed up last night:

    Trying to sign in

    An error occured during communication with the server
    This is a DNS error
    This came up when trying to just sign in

    When im being disconnected from games

    An error has occured
    You have been signed out of the PLAYSTATION(R)Network
    All these number codes came up at different times

    Trying to sign in

    As you can see 2 of the codes are the same as above when i was being signed out
  • I found the manual on netgear's site for that particular router and you did do the DMZ correctly. It's possible the firewall could be still blocking things- have you tried deactivating this? It's the check box right above the DMZ.

    Here is the page with the manual for that router in case you want to reference it- just click on "reference manual" on the left.
  • Steps --> Entered Pass and Username --> Clicked on WAN Setup under Advanced

    Then it has tick boxes, on top of the DMZ it has:

    - Disable Port scan and DOS Protection


    - Respond to ping on internet WAN Port

    Both are unticked

    Which one are you talking about and if i deactivate the firewall, am i open to viruses etc.?
  • True, that would open up your whole network to that sort of thing but if you have an antivirus program on there that is kept up to date you should have no worries on that end. You could at least try it for just a few minutes as an experiment to see if the firewall is indeed the problem. The box to check is the one just above the DMZ, "disable port scan and DOS protection".
  • Firewall

    I deactived and it didnt work,
    Reset router and tried again and it just saying i cant connect to Activision Matchmaking error 33.
    I tried to sign in on COD4 about 9 times and everytime it said that ^ ^ ^

    DMZ and ports

    Another thing i mentioned that we didnt bring up was the DMZ and port situation..

    I have my PS3 in the DMZ of my router
    and at the same time i have the following ports open in services, as you can see from the pic:

    But also Port 80 & 443 are already taken:


    Shown below:

    This next pic shows the info when i click on edit:

    Where the IP's are blank (colored in) they are the same IP as my PS3
  • Please edit my post and delete anything of the pics where i have left important information

    Have i missed any ports or have i got any unnecessary ports open?
  • What is taking those particular ports? They should still be available for the PS3 to use when needed. Add those in for the PS3 anyway.

    That matchmaking error is, i believe, an error on their end and not yours.

    I do see one error in the ports. Where you have the range of 3478 to 3658 is wrong. The range should be 3478 to 3479 with 3658 on its own.
  • http and https, they're both open anyway for internet browser

    Ok i think it is too

    And ok thanks, im gonna change it now and see whats happens
  • Ok they were wrong, i used this guide to set the firewall up correctly:

    Orpheus Internet: Sony Playstation 3 Support - Network Help, Broadband Help, Firewall Rules and Configuration, NAT, Online Game Setup

    Also some other important things i done at the same time:

    - Quick Reset/format PS3
    - Manually set up my connection
    - Connection test: PLAYSTATION(R)Network failed
    - So cleared all the previous rules and services i made for my PS3 off my router
    - Then used the guide (link above)
    - Then set up the ports
    - Made a static IP for my PS3
    - Put my PS3 in the DMZ of my router
    - Test connection: Everything was good

    Signed in 1st attempt.
    Signed on Call of Duty 4 fine and got 3 good non laggy games.
    Then got disconnected again :confused:

    But its much better than before, i also read about a new patch thats going to be available soon, so i think after that patch, everything should be fine :D

    Thanks for all your help !
  • Glad to hear things are working properly (other than at Activision's end, anyway). Come back any time and join in the various conversations going on around the place! B)
  • omg...
    It actually worked fine for a while last night, then again it started saying

    ''Cannot connect to activision matchmaking error 33''

    I also found on a web that these ports should be open:
    Link removed

    3075 UDP
    3074 UDP
    About these, after i make the services for them, you make the rule, should they be an ''inbound'' or ''outbound'' rule?

    And i found this web:
    Link removed
    Im not sure if its for PC/Xbox/PS3 though :huh:

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • Those ports should be both directions, actually.

    As for that patch, it is for the PC version of the game- it's coming soon for the consoles. I removed your links, btw- we prefer not to have links to other gaming sites. ;)
  • ok im doing it now

    Also ok i had a feeling it was, and i hope the PS3 update comes soon..
    and kk lol

    One more thing, i've put them Ports in the ''inbound services''

    But in the ''Outbound Services''

    I choose the port rules..
    Then select ALWAYS ALLOW

    Then is has:

    LAN Users: Start [ ].[ ].[ ].[ ]
    Finish [ ].[ ].[ ].[ ]

    WAN Users: '' Same as above
    '' Same as above

    Also on both it has a drop down box with 3 choises:
    - Any (cant enter anything into boxes)
    - Single Address (lets you put 1 IP in the start box)
    - Address Range (lets you put IP in start and finish)

    And then it has a dropdown box saying if you want to ''Log''

    4 choises: Always - Never - Match - Not Match
    I set all of the others to Never

    At the moment i have the already open ports on ''Any''
    And will put it the same for these 2 new port numbers

    Shall i change it to WAN or LAN or change the choises in the drop down boxes?
  • The PS3 is part of the LAN so use that. Make the settings the same for both inbound and outbound. I would go with the "any" on that drop down box to allow anything else that may need to use the same ports to do so without having to go back in and mess with settings again.
  • ok just noticed something strange...

    On my ''Inbound Services''

    I have 4 Ports open for PS3, and the DMZ there too

    Under this column:

    LAN Server IP address

    All 4 ports services have a different IP to the DMZ thing



    Should i make them other ports the same number as the DMZ??
    the above numbers are an example of what it looks like..
  • P.S. the port numbers are My PC and the DMZ is my PS3's IP
  • Sorry about this but this is also another important thing:

    Where i enter the IP on the ports, example port1: << that<br />Where i enter it in the boxes its like this:

    Send to LAN Server [192].[168].[2].[1]

    Send to LAN Server, i dont get that part..
  • That isn't right- the only number that should be changing is the last one. The default router address for that model is So, the PS3's address should actually be Change those 2s to zeros in the third portion of the IP addresses you have there.

    As for the ports, the IP those are for should match the PS3- change those to as well.
  • Ok i made a mistake when typing that,

    Its 192.168.0.w/e

    I put by accident :S

    And i did actually change them to the same as my PS3, but didnt make a difference..

    Also you mean it has to be or was that an example?
  • I used that as an example/ suggestion going by what you put there to keep the PS3's IP address from possibly interfering with anything else wanting to go online such as your computer. The computer should have been given by the router for its own use so anything past that is good for the PS3.
  • I think i get you..

    Change the IP of them rules to or above?

    Currently there are not set over 0.1 =/
  • Change the port forwarding rules to match whatever IP address you gave the PlayStation 3. As i said, the router will have given the IP address of to your computer so any address after that can be used for your PS3.
  • Ill give it a go, then tell you what happens,

    But if it doesnt work, i've found some forums where people are using the same router as me, and are having the same problems, some were saying an wired connection through an ethernet cable will help...
    So i think ill buy one of them

    Thanks for all the help anyway :D
  • Ok just showing you these screenshots to show you how my Router is set up with inbound and outbound,
    I have screenshot the firewall rules inbound & outbound,
    Then took a ss of each of the rules when i click edit..

    Firewall Rules:

    Outbound view when editting/adding:

    Inbound view when editting/adding:

    These are exactly what they look like besides me blocking my PS3's IP...
    Also important, noticed when i sign in on PSN and look for games on COD4, if i switch my controller off, for some reason it connects MUCH faster and at a more successful rate

    Tell me if there's any error's
  • I can't see anything out of place in the settings other than the blocking being on by default- are you able to edit that?

    Very odd that the bluetooth would interfere with the net signal- they should be on completely different frequencies. Have no idea what's going on there. :huh:
  • Ok and also i can and it shows the same as others...
    And its also not enabled, tick box

    And i've seen something about controller and PSN together on Netgear Routers
    Someone said they pinged their IP thing with PS3 controller off, then done it again with it on and it came up as a 15% packet lose or something.

    Also i got 2 ok games today strangely, it was at about 2 - 3 pm UK time
  • And oh i got mixed up, i see the default inbound service, i cant edit

    But its like the DMZ where i cant edit, so it might be on the settings somewhere
  • Ah well, it was a thought. I'm out of ideas on where else to change any settings.

    Again, very odd about the router signal getting cut down by the bluetooth signal from the controller- never heard that occurring with other brands. have you considered maybe looking at a different router that may be easier to set up (D-Link perhaps?)?
  • I think im gonna stick with waiting for this update, if things dont fix then, ill probably think of a new router,
    And suggestions on a brand and model?
  • I would suggest the D-Link brand, maybe the DI-624. It's a relatively inexpensive 802.11 G router. I've found the interface on the D-Link brand much easier to deal with.
  • Illmatic, I think you may be in the wrong section of your router regarding the "services". The ports should be opened in the section called "Virtual Servers" under the Firewall section.
  • ok thanks, strangely my PS3 worked fine again last night, I think the servers may be getting better?

    And ok thanks

    And i looked in the settings on and found nothing saying 'Virtual Services' in the firewall section.

    I am also running Norton 360 on my PC, but i have heard that its not the firewall on my PC, the PS3 connection is all to do with the router, is this right?
  • That's correct, it's all in the router and the changes you make in the router set up.

    It isn't Services, it is Servers.
  • ok good

    And ahh servers, had another look, and still cant see anything to do with it, cant even find any options saying virtual =/

    This is the options on the side of my router options

    I've clicked on each one and seen what else it has, and absoluetly nothing about virtual servers
  • Brand New Code:

    I sign in fine when switching my PS3 on
    I start COD4, then it says:

    ''An error has occured. You have
    been signed out of
  • From what i can gather from a Google search on that error it means your system can't get connected to PSN.

    At this point the only thing I can recommend is upgrade the firmware of the router or contact Netgear themselves about the problem- from what i can see you have done everything right. Chances are they will know something I may have missed having not actually dealt with this brand of router first hand.
  • Yeah i googled it too, also i noticed a lot of people saying it happens sometimes then stops, it might be PSN updating or upgrading or their end maybe?

    Also once again, its fixed..
    I moved my router, it was by my TV and PC monitor, dont know if that would do anything.. But it a bit better now, and also connecting to games really fast

    Just occassionally get that error now, the signed out one

    Thanks for the help
  • Tvs and monitors do give off limited bits of radio signal which could interfere with the connection- this could have ben part of the problem. Other things like microwaves, cordless phones, etc. can interfere with the wireless signal as well.
  • Ok, noticed cant sign in sometimes at 5pm - 7pm

    I think it might be a busy time for the servers, because people not in work or school lol
  • if any 1 is having this problem i found a reali easy way to fix this. all i had to do was manualy change my dns. to get wat ur dns is if u are using vista
    go to the network and sharing center and view statis then click the details and write down the IPv4 DNS Server and then go to ur ps3 and go to network settings and go to internet conection settings and chose custom
    i am using wired so i clicked wired
    auto detect
    do not set
    then enter the number u wrote down in the primary DNS dont worry bout the secondary
    go to automatic on mtu
    do not use
    and then click X and click test conection and it should b all good i hope i didnt confuse u
  • IP Adress: Succeded
    Internet connection: succeded
    playstation(R)network: Failed

    This always comes up when i try the connection test "/ what shall i do?
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    IP Adress: Succeeded
    Internet connection: succeeded
    playstation(R)network: Failed

    This always comes up when i try the connection test "/ what shall i do?

    The error that comes up when i just try to sign in is...
    An error has occurred. You have been signed out the playstation(r)network. (80710B23)
  • Jordanboyyyy said:

    IP Adress: Succeeded
    Internet connection: succeeded
    playstation(R)network: Failed

    This always comes up when i try the connection test "/ what shall i do?

    The error that comes up when i just try to sign in is...
    An error has occurred. You have been signed out the playstation(r)network. (80710B23)

    80710B23 - PS3 Network is Down or PS3 Network is too busy to respond

    Not an issue with your console, just busy servers is all.
  • i can't connect to psn?

    when i do the connectiontest

    the first and second step work but when it comes to sign in on psn it fails...?

    is this just an psnerror and i fixes itself?

    because i already read about this and there were some guys who said you had to format your ps3?

  • Same problem but mine just says that the sign-in ID and password combination is not correct.Please check your entries carefully. can someone help me and yes i did do my right email and yes i did do my right password and btw i live in england so can someone help
  • Jonny, the simplest solution to take care of the log in problem may be to head over to Sony's official UK PlayStation site and try a log in there. If it says it is still incorrect there you can use the "forgot password" links to correct things.