call of duty 4 headache.
  • hey guys,i have been playing this game online for the last two weeks or so,and have had no problems till now.its stuck on looking for game,and or getting match quality.cannot at all get into a game.i do know i am still nat type 3,and from from what i have heard should be type 2.just dont know how to do that.would like to get back to the game,any help would be apreciated.thanks,g-rooo
  • Being NAT 3 means you are both behind a router and a firewall. If you set up the router so that the PS3 is in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) this will put the PS3 outside of any protection it had before and should solve your problems.

    Just in case you are going to say "great! umm... how do I do that?" it's different for every brand of router so if you aren't sure let us know what brand and model you have and we can find out how they do it.
  • "great!umm...its a" linksys" model#befsr41 ver4.3. i talked to there tech support and got know were,there in india,huge language barrier there. tried to get them to help me open ports 3074&3075.also read that on your site.dont get why it was fine for weeks and now this.I thank you for all your help,g-rooo
  • Didn't mean to sound insulting there- I've seen other places that have people ask about this and say things like "what's a router?" Apologies there.

    Once you log into your router go to the Applications and Gaming tab. From there look for Port Range Forwarding. This is where you will open the ports you need. Just enter the name of the application (in this case PlayStation 3) your start and end points of the port range (if single ports put the same number in both blanks), then select the type. You will also need to put the IP address of the PS3 in there. Finally, check the enabled boxes and click the save settings button at the bottom.
  • I didnt find it insulting at all.I was trying to be funny,i'll work on that.I did what you said,and am back in the game.thanks for the GREAT help i am sure you will be hearing from me again soon,thanks again,g-rooo