Legend of Spyro A New Beginning
  • Hi There,
    I am stuck at the part near the end where you have to place balls on a little platform.
    Well i have managed to do 2 of the balls but cant work out how to get to the other 2 platforms.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance
  • Aunty, can you tell me the name of the level you are in? It will make it easier to figure out just where you are in the game.
  • i think its tall pines
  • Ah, ok- it's Tall Plains, actually. B)

    The spots for the balls are in the corners, two on each side of the doors. To be honest i do not recall a specific path being needed for this.
  • I forgot to jump on one of the totems to open up the other side of the door.Thanks for your help