• 2 DVD's were put into my ps3 at the same time and got stuck. I took the PS# apart and was able to remove the DVD's but I'm unable to reassemble the Blu-Ray player correctly. Is there a secret to getting the top back on so all the levers will work correctly? If So what do I need to do to get it back together?
    Thanks for our help.:o
  • Hoo boy- I'm not going to ask how this happened. :eek:

    I haven't disassembled my system (and have no plans to) so I can't tell by experience. I did find a site with disassembly instructions, however- I'll send it to you via PM as it's against rules to link it. Just follow backwards from where you are to get yourself back together (hopefully).
  • Thank You so much for your reply.
    As you know you can insert a disc to start the system. I did that not knowing that my girlfriend had been watching a movie earlier in the day and left the dvd in the system. It slid right in with very little effort below the movie. Anyway I found a couple of site the disassemble and reassemble the system as well, however they don't show anything about doing it to the Blu-ray player itself. I had no problems and was very happy with how well thought out the internals were set up when I did take it apart. However the player itself has at least 5 spring loaded guide levers on the top cover that need to be in exact spots when the cover goes back on and if one is wrong, nothing will work. I have 2 personal resources to explore yet before I call Sony to see how much it will cost for a reassemble that will take someone who's done it before less that a minute to perform.
  • Eee...guess I misunderstood a bit when i replied. I was thinking just the console itself, not the blu-ray drive.

    Sony would most likely give you a replacement system and charge you for the shipping both ways as the warranty is obviously out the window now.

    I did a search for ps3 blu-ray assembly and came up with nothing other than a video of someone who took a toy Star trek phaser and put the Blu-Ray diode into it (some people have too much time on their hands :rolleyes: ).
  • I saw that phaser video too. Kinda cool. I got My PS3 the very first weekend the went on sale so the warranty has expired. That's why I gave it a shot myself because I've been builing computers for years as a hobby. If I can't get it fixed within a week I'll just send it to Sony and expect a hefty bill. Do you think I should take my hard drive out before I send it in? I replaced some time ago with a 250 GB.
  • Definitely switch out your drive and put the original back in- It's a sure bet you would not get that back.