Call of Duty 4 Issue
  • I know that there are a bunch of threads about this game, but this is really annoying me. I have been playing online without a problem but i recently moved and bought a new router (belkin N wireless). The problem is, I can get into games, but I am the only one in there, and no matter how long I wait no one else joins. This seems like a port forwarding issue, however, I have the uPnP enabled, and it is NAT type 2 which leads me to believe that it should work properly. One strange thing, is that yesterday afternoon I was playing online problem free, but when I went back at night, without touching a single setting, it had stopped working.

    Thank You For Your Help,

    J. Watch
  • To be honest, jwatch, i think the problems are in Activision's servers being not up to the task of handling that many gamers at once. Night time would be when more gamers would be at it as some would be at school or work through the day.