• Hey guys,

    I am currently adding my favourite music to my PS3 harddrive, how do I play a playlist during a game? I have some kick a** music to listen to during Motorstorm.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Go to Playlists in the Music menu and select "make new playlist". From there it should be a simple matter of following the instructions they give on screen.
  • I've already done that, how do I get it to play during Motorstorm?
  • its all game depending, so some games will let you do this and others wont. It was same on original x box aswell, dont know about motorstorm to be honest.
  • There is nothing in the manual regarding custom soundtracks in Motorstorm- this is one game that does not support it. As sfjp said, the custom soundtrack bit is dependent on the game developers- some do it, others don't.
  • Thanks guys, now I am not in such a rush to get my favourite songs on my hard drive.