What Is Wrong with my PS3?
  • Check this out, i was playing my ps3 the other night and it turned itself off.. so I left my Intercooler running just because i do that when i'm done playing..
    Now when I turn my Playstation 3 on the light goes from red to green ( when I activate my system) then to yellow.. what is yellow?!? then back to red.. which turns off... I am so mad right now because my game is still in there..

    Someone with a good answer should help.. I don't want false advice. Thanks
  • Your PS3 is overheating, thanks in part to the Intercooler partially blocking the vent. Take that waste of money off of there ASAP. The PS3 does not need any extra help from something like that, it has a large fan in there as it is to keep things comfortable in there for the chips.

    The yellow light is a signal that it is overheating. As long as the PS3 is in an open area with a few inches of space around it (best to have it sitting in the open beside the tv, though) you shouldn't have this problem any more.
  • No matter what i do the yellow light does not go off- my cd is stuck in there and it is not coming out- ur advice is
  • i would call sony mate tell them what youv'e told mr lyndon and hopefully will be covered by warranty or can advise you how to do it yourself.
  • My advice is take that crap Intercooler off the system and contact Sony about getting a replacement. When talking to Sony don't mention the Intercooler- once they hear that was on there they will say your warranty is voided and you will have to pay shipping.