• Hi, hope you guys can help.
    2 days ago I bought a pre-owned ps2 slim from a chain store. I got it home, connected it and started it......nothing on the TV (brand new digital tv). Sounded like the fan was going but the disc didn't move. I used the AV cable, the scart adapter and a component cable and nothing. I tried it on a 4 year old analoge tv....nothing.
    I've just taken it back and it's been replaced like for like (another pre-owned console :rolleyes: ) just got it home....connected it all....and again nothing on the tv.
    Am I missing something or have I just been really unfortunate to get 2 dodgy consoles?!
  • The only thing I can think of other than both systems being crapped out is making sure the systems were set for the correct channel on the tv. You can usually choose between channels 3 and 4 to allow for the instance of having normal tv programming on there using a small switch on the back.
  • I have no small switches on the back of anything!
  • Hm...they must have removed that option at some point in the console life. All I can suggest is make sure your tv is set to the proper input and scroll through the top few channels to hopefully find it.

    It's possible you may have got some bad cables or there was a problem with the a/v out jack on the systems. There are a number of possibilities.