i think my ps3 has had it
  • i was playing on call of duty 4 online this morning. halfway through the game part of the screen went purple and the game crashed.

    i was unable to do anything but turn it off.

    when i turned my ps3 on the lights came on but nothing happened. so i turned it back off.

    i tried it again bout half an hour ago and it came on, but when i pressed the ps button on the controller, the screen started to scatter and the system crashed.

    what do you think the problem could be?????
  • Sounds like something has gone seriously wrong with your PS3, cornzi. Can't say for sure if it might be the drive itself or something about the game but your best bet would be to contact Sony's tech support and talk to them. If your PS3 is still under warranty they will replace it at no charge.
  • thanks for the advice. il phone them in the morning