• how do lads and lasses
    Me and my mate came back from pub about 2 weeks ago and seen MK2 for sale on playstation online store i had lost my card so we used his no problem at all we got it. He then moved back down to brighton and i want to purchase stuff myself but not on his card thats passworded how do i change card details ive tried for ages and cant see how to.
    All feedback would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again Samuel Pennington.
  • Go into your username's Account Management and from there select Account Management. The very first entry will be "Edit Billing Information". You will have to enter your PSN password to continue at this point. You can change the credit card on file here to whatever it should be and save the settings or just click the link at the bottom and remove any and all card information completely (of course doing this will require you to enter in card information next time you want to add funds). Hit the Continue button when done to confirm changes and you are done.
  • thanks mr lyndon