Tomb Raider: Last Revelation
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  • i'm stuck in the Trenches/Chambers of Tulun/City of the Dead levels.
  • I've never figured out how to use the nitrus oxide yet either.
  • "...a huge pit (with a burning truck), running jump over to the truck to pick up something (I know it's important but can't remember what!)."
  • Well done!
  • in answer to TormentedByLara's original question, i'm pretty sure i've found where you meant, but i got up there on the first try so maybe this is a different stone block rising out of the sand pile :confused:
    anyway, all you do is stand on the block, face the wall to the right of the ladder, walk backward to the edge of the block and do a standing jump-grab onto the small outcrop that looks a little like this: