• I've had this game for ages, but can't get past the Penthouse stage where I have to sneak around without being seen. There's obviously a trick to it, coz I keep getting seen by the guards. How do I get in, plant the bug and get out?
    It's taken me about 12months to give it another go, please help so it doesn't take another 12.


  • Note the terrorist positions on your mini-map. From the stairwell that you start in open the door and make a u-turn to the left to head down to some double doors. Go through and head down to the glass doors, go through these as well. You should come to a split- head left. You should be hearing a roaring crowd coming from the tv a guard is watching. Very slowly sneak past him to the kitchen. head up some flights of steps here to get to the second level. Check the map to make sure there are no terrorists in the hallway and head in-move very slowly, the guy downstairs watching tv could still here you if you make to much noise. The door up ahead has the room with the phone to bug. Once that is done you get a new objective, hack their computer.
  • Thanks Lyndon, I'll give that a try!
  • :frown: I am sooo Frustrated! I CAN NOT get past the stage after i bug the phone. How do i go and hack the pc? I've recently been turned on to Tom Clancy's games, and beat all of the splinter cell's, but i'm pulling my hair out on this old rainbow six 3 game...UGG Can someone help me please!!!
  • use a heartbeat sensor. That makes it so much easier. I usually use the main staircase on the left, past the glass door, then wait for the guy to pass, then go straight down the hall to the double glass doors, hack the pc, then wait behind the statue using the heartbeat sensor, then run out and up the next stairs straight ahead. hide behind that wall with the sensor, then sneak in on the left and the first door is the phone room. Then back the way I came and that is pretty easy. (I am currently having trouble leaving my extraction point once I get there which is frustrating)I think its a game glitch.