PS3 wired LAN error
  • Hi there,
    I've read many thread related to my problem.
    However, none of them could solve my own one.

    When I use Wireless connection, it's perfectly normal.
    (though I often got kick out of PSN XD)
    Once changed to wired mode, it would come out "An ehternetwork calbe is not detected" several minutes.
    God I hate this~~~:mad:
    I begin to think it could be a hardware malfunction...:mellow:

    Could someone kindly rescue me???
  • When making the switch did you go into the Network Settings and edit things to tell it to look for a wired connection?

    Getting kicked off a lot while wireless is hardly "normal"- you likely were not getting enough signal strength to hold the wireless connection.
  • Thank you for replying so quickly, Lyndon!
    I've set it properly.
    It functioned normally at first, and then came error message.
    I went to SCET(Taiwan) and left a message.
    They told me to take my PS3 to their repairing center for a fully inspection.
    Fortunately, it's still have the warranty.
    For the wireless condition, I think there must be some problems about my wireless AP.
    If wired mode backs to normal, I prefer to use wired mode.

    Thanks again.
    Sorry about asking a problem from Taiwan!(So far~~~)
  • Not a big deal regarding the distance- makes for a bit of a learning experience for me.

    Good to hear the tech support there is going to look into it- it is possible the connection inside with the ethernet jack could be messed up.