• i just recently got a ps3, so far for this generation of consoles i havent had a too good run. im on my 4th 360. so sencie this is my first ps3 i want to keep it that way.
    im pretty nit-picky about who touches my crap, im trying to keep everything in best condition i can have it because i already have a collection of old consoles and games. out of my own curiosity though... how durable is the ps3 exactly? i know it can play in extreme temperatures and what not. but how about an idiot friend that comes over and presses the eject button 40 times a second for 30 seconds? including turning the system on and off a butt load of times as quick as possible.... and concluding with picking the system turning it 180 degrees in all directions so he can look at everything on it, before setting it down.

    now what i want to know is even with all of this happening to it, how well does the ps3 take this kind of stuff? if you even consider it punishment.... im used to my 360 messing up for ridiculous reasons.
  • If you have people doing that sort of thing to your stuff it's time to put the foot down (or up his butt) and tell them to leave it alone.

    Anyway, the PS3 is a very durable machine- mine is running 24/ 7 running the Foling@Home program when I'm not playing games or watching movies. Just about everything you list above should not affect the system (although he could mess up a disc if picking it up while it's running).
  • yea i kinda figured, i already B#!$% slapped him for even going near it. freakin love my ps3, 360 has so much of my money id actually feel better if he did it to my 360 because i dont care about it anymore...Lol...

    Well thanks man, its good to know makes me feel better.