rapala pro fishing ps 2
  • completed the game on easy and normal settings,but im truly stuck on the 4th tourny[hard difficulty] tonka walleye cup.the lures i used before dont work ,i can get their attention ,but the walleye wont bite.im fishing near the boat using tournament ul 5.0 finesse 6lb line and blue or black glass shad rap lures,i have tried many other lures too,but these seem to attract most walleye, i can catch them in freefishing[hard difficulty]using these settings at the same place[near boat] but they wont bite in the tourny,a week solid with not a bite,tell a lie one did bite when i had like sixteen seconds left on the clock.how frustrating. please help.
  • i have been told that you have to beat the game on hard setting to unlock the catfish.is this true ? also can you catch goldfish ,electric eels and other secret fish as i havent seen any as yet.
  • Quick note: I found this elsewhere so not sure if this will help or not. haven't played the games myself (no patience for real fishing, let alone virtual ;) ).

    Try going in the direction of the house boat at idle speed for a short distance. When fishing slows down head out a bit more at idle speed in the same direction. Fish lure just fast enough that the lure dives, when it gets to 3 feet deep reduce retrieve as slow as possible, when lure gets to surface increase speed until it dives to 3 feet deep and repeat. Use the Glass Shad Rap Glass Black Shad GSR04, the Tournament UL 5'0" and Finess 4 Lb. test.

    I can't say for sure at the moment about the catfish- I'll have to dig some more and get back to you.
  • yeah thats the guide for playin on normal which does work,but im playin on hard and the fish dont bite it now, as you step up the difficulty what worked before now doesnt, and theres hundreds of lures in this game.just need to know whats the best lure for that tournament[on hard difficulty] any help appreciated.
  • ok thanks for your help,but if you get any information or tips on how to beat this tourny[hard setting] please let me know.thanks.