PS2 corrupted data boxes?
  • On the memory cards for the PS2 How do you deleted the blue corrupted data boxes?:mad:
  • Go into the memory card utility (found by turning on the PS2 with no disc in it) and highlight the data you want to remove. Hit the triangle button and a menu should appear- select 'delete". it will ask to confirm this- say yes and the data will disappear.
  • Corrupted data isn't necessarily 'corrupt'. Pictures that you take in Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 show as being corrupted data simply because the PS2 can't read the information without being 'in' the game.

    Be careful what corrupted data you are deleting.
  • I tried to delete the corrupt data as applied to the above directions. It would not delete the corrupt data, now what??? Any other suggestions??

    Thanks the Roozle
  • Sometimes what is showing as "corrupted data" is actually data that can only be read from within a game (the pictures you take with the camera in MGS2 is a good example of that, as mentioned above). If you are sure this is not the case you may need to go into the memory card manager and fully re-format the card itself. Of course, this will lose whatever other saves you have that you want to keep.