need all levels unlocked cheat for star trek invasion
  • I have tried to locate the exact cheat for unlocking all 30 missions in Star Trek Invasion for PS One, including hidden levels, and I have found at least three codes that do not work. Could you please give me the correct code for this? In addition, I have tried these cheats at the Stellar Cartography screen, and they do not work as well. Is it possible that maybe there is another screen in the game which this codes in designed to work on? Or, does one have to finish the first two missions before this cheat activates? Please provide me with these answers as soon as possible. Is there also a code which unlocks all the weapons as well? Thank you.
  • I did find the code you mention- some further digging found the same code but listed a different place to use it. Try going Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, L1 + R1, L2 + R2 on the Mission Selection screen. You should see the screen flash if done correctly. All missions will be unlocked, and when the game is paused a "Cheat Screen" option will appear on the bottom of the menu with such selections as "Player Can't Die", "All Weapons", and "One Hit Kills".