Breath of fire iv
  • Erm... I think I just caught one unawared.

    Its late at night when I played that part so I have to go to sleep, and I think I just caught the king of the sea (I don't know whats its name, my eyes were blurring), but I have no intension on saving the game because its very late. I think, you should have a right bait for that and a very good rod. I can't remember exactly what I used there, all I know that I thew the bait as far as I could!
  • Thank you Squall9999.
  • hello gjc300

    I don't go fishing that much in Breath of Fire 4. And I have not caught the "Whale"

    BUT ...... According to APi Walkthrough


    Average: 187 CM

    Ability: Restores All Hp and revives statues of all

    Lure: Doesn't like Life Like Lures

    Loc: Salt Sea

    Personal best: 240 CM

    Description: King of the Sea, it is the ultimate catch

    Personal Description: Critically aclaimed as the hardest and strongest fish there is. You better believe it, this fish will give you a mega struggle it isbig and very strong reel this sucker in and then take a break to cool fof theblistered fingers.

    More Where to Caught the King of Sea ......

    The Part where you had your Mini Game: Traveling the Sea. You noticed that there are many
  • Thank you Charm.