Im back!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hi everyone

    not been on for a while, just installed a NETGEAR wireless router, everything ok so far.................

    I am now going to try to get the PS3 to link with it.....

    Wish me luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Welcome back.
    Moved this to The Front Door, as it's a welcome back kind of thread.

    But again, welcome back. Hope everything is working well with your NetGear wireless router :)
  • I'm on the NetGear router too pokerdon.:) It's pretty sweet.:)

    Anyway, glad to have you back again. What've you been up to while you've been away?:)
  • Trying to keep my 2 lovely daughters in line, not easy over christmas!

    No, just been busy getting a new PC up and running, and as i said the new router.

    By the way, PS3 linked 1st time and have been on COD4 till 2am last night.
  • ill add you add API as your clan name theres a few of us that battle it out on tinternet from AP.
  • cheers

    Been looking for a clan, that great.
  • wey ! happy to hear it at the moment there's shootem high, steel city surfer, shadow and my self were trying to fill the teams up so we can be one team or thats me plan anyhoo.